Temporary mail  and Faek Email Address

Why is temp mail necessary? Many websites and online services require an e-mail address in order for users to register, view and/or receive content. Some sites could use our email address for spam purposes.

If you are unsure if the website you are using is credible or trustworthy, a temporary email address can be used. This will protect your privacy and keep your personal e mails spam-free.

With some variations, disposable mail works as any other email service.

It is temporary and can be used for only a few hours or a few days. Tempmailo will keep your old emails for up to 2 days.

It is used to receive emails. It's impossible to send mail via the temp mail service.

Only text and HTML messages will be accepted, files attachments will not be allowed. This is to protect users and their computers from viruses and dangerous content.

Temporary mail is required in a few cases.

Programmers can use this tool to verify the functionality of the email component of developed applications. Programmers no longer have to create separate test email inboxes. They can be used immediately in Tempmailo Our API will soon also random email address be publicly available. This will make it even simpler.

You need to guard your personal information and privacy against suspicious websites and services. You don't have to worry about this by using temp email. Online privacy is a major concern. Temp mail provides protection from potential dangers.

Mail listing to subscribe to subscription protected content

In any other place than is trustworthy on the internet

Register on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Note: Never use disposable mail for important information. It is temporary, and the mail address you receive is only temporary.